How to Fix Scratches in window shield or shutter glass in vehicle?

remove scratches from windshield

People take care of their vehicles with high care as it is more important for their personal and professional life travel. When it comes to vehicles the scratches in windshields and in windows are commonly occurring issues where people think windshield scratch repair as a non fixable one.

But in real fixing a scratched windshield is an easy task which can be done in home with help of some basic supplies. Here are some steps listed below which would help people to get rid of scratches from vehicle glass and make them clear enough.

  • Depth checking
  • Make ready for supplies
  • Do clean scratches
  • Make markings on scratch area
  • Do preparation for product repair
  • Apply them on the glass
  • Clean the window

Step by step guidance for scratch removes:

Step 1: At the first sight of the window scratch in the vehicle it is more important to check its depth using finger nail. Mostly application would not function in proper way for this process so when your fingernail feel deeper scratches it is better to have professional glass repair as they would have proper tools.

Step 2: if your vehicles has scratches it is necessary to gather all supplies you need to remove them such as water, soft cloths, spatula, small bowls, glass cleaner, tape or dry erase maker and drill along with rubber polishing wheel. All these are major required items for removing big scratches. If it is minor scratch issue then you can better use clear acrylic nail polish, baking soda or white toothpaste and cerium oxide to remove all scratches.

Step 3: before doing repair works it is more necessary to clean the scratch surface and ensure that there won’t be any debris contact between glass and repair products. Better you can clean the area with soft cloth and glass cleaner and remove all fingerprints.

Step 4: after cleaning the glass when you try to start repair work it is difficult to find scratched area so it is better to mark them using dry erase marker on opposite in undamaged area. Similarly mark the scratched area on damaged side as outline using tape.

fix scratches in windowStep 5: once it is done you can do prepare repair products if you are using acrylic nail polish or cerium oxide you can use spatula to mix them with water. If you baking soda and toothpaste to remove scratches from windshield then mix 1 teaspoon of backing soda with 1/4th of toothpaste to form slurry.

Step 6: when you prepared the product you can start repairing the scratches by applying products on the scratched area. When you filled excess of product then make sure you wipe it off. Moreover the product should be of dry and clear enough in order to have minimum buffing. If you use cerium oxide then it is better to use rubber polishing wheel to avoid buffing.

Step 7: once you made the repair then clean the window completely clear and this time you can see the glass would be clear without any scratches

All the above steps are only for minor scratches if it is major scratches then it is better to go for professional who would do better work.