What is biodiesel fuel?

biodiesel fuel

Actually, the biodiesel fuel is a type of green energy for vehicles. Even though, many experts are discussed about the advantages and disadvantages of biodiesel fuel and it will be an alternative fuel source for our vehicles. So, one should know of how you fuelling your vehicle with biodiesel is a quite excellent thing.

Naturally, the biodiesel can be produced from a wide range of natural crops such as canola, rapeseed, mustard, sunflower, jatropha, flax, soybean, hemp, palm oil and waste vegetable oils.

Moreover, this fuel source is also meant to minimize the engine wear as well as generate minimal dangerous emissions. Thus, one of the major advantages of biodiesel is utilized as a substitute fuel source, but needs engine alterations.

Pros and cons of biodiesel fuel

Initially, when the ethanol was introduced, the major car companies are selected to pick up on the latest fuel choice named as biodiesel fuel. Actually, the biodiesel is a renewable and domestic fuel for diesel engines while mixed with petroleum based diesel fuel. This biodiesel itself can be made up of animal fats and vegetable oils, which have to meet the needs of EPA and ASTM D6751.

Once it has combined with diesel fuel, it becomes a biodiesel mixture. The quantity if mixed biodiesel fuel is represented with a quantity or a percentage currently available in a mixture.

In today’s environmental sector, the pros and cons of biodiesel can be a regular hot topic. Here are mentioned its merit and demerit of biodiesel fuel that include:


  • Better smellNaturally, biodiesel releases a fried food form of smell that is simpler to deal with.
  • Cleaner than diesel fuel- The minimal dioxide/ carbon monoxide decreases emissions.
  • Supports farmers- Another source of revenue for farmers developing the ingredients required for biodiesel fuel.
  • Enhanced lubricity-Supports to keep the engine components moving very smooth since the sulphur has been taken out of diesel fuel.
  • Less foreign dependency – Biodiesel is plant based that can develop ourselves, rather than depend on on other countries to provide us.


  • fuelling vehicle with biodieselMinimal MPG- Miles for each gallon in some fleet management records are very less, but not extreme.
  • Engine problems- Now the engines are specially made to function with petroleum diesel fuel. They will have to adjust to biodiesel.
  • Does it make intelligence? –Making biodiesel fuel is more expensive to deliver it and energy to create it.
  • Very expensive- At present, the top price is outweighed by the tax credit, where it is applicable, but it will ultimately go apart and it will be very costlier.
  • Cold weather problems- The biodiesel fuel at low temperatures can be much thickened; because of its greater water content as well as plug the fuel filters.

In terms of positive, the biodiesel disadvantages consistent to lean towards the positives and it can be widely used in several commercial heating units, railway system and aircraft.

There are several various choices to look at in the acquisition of biodiesel fuel and it can only help the nation in becoming greener. At the end, many diesel manufacturers are suggested to reduce their recommended oil trough interval in partial while using biodiesel fuel.